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Recent Tips from our Newsletters are posted below.

Preliminary Horse Business Survey Results
Preliminary Horse Business Survey Results As many of you already know, we conduct a horse business survey every year in order to get information directly from horse professionals to share at our annual Rethinking the Horse Business Webinar. We then crunch the data, put together charts, and compare the results of the current year to past results. This survey enables us to provide you with an inside look of how horse professionals from a wide variety of breeds and disciplines are faring. Here are some of the most interesting results we are seeing at first glance: . . . More
Year End Tax Break Status - USA Horse Businesses
To say that tax planning has been difficult the last few years is quite an understatement. Congress couldn't decide whether they wanted to continue or remove certain tax provisions. It was impossible for business owners to make decisions because they didn't know what was allowed! Finally, some of these issues have been addressed. The PATH Act of 2015 (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes) is different from previous tax-break extensions. Instead of a retroactive 1-year extension, Congress set up standards that will allow business owners to have a better basis to make decisions by either extending long term or making permanent some of the rules. Here are some of the highlights: . . . More
REPLAY - Questions and Answers on The Horse Business Dirty Dozen Checklist
REPLAY - Questions and Answers on The Horse Business Dirty Dozen Checklist Over the past 7 years of running Equestrian Professional and working with horse professionals, we have found that certain tasks, when done at the right time, can make a big difference in the success of a business. The Dirty Dozen Horse Business Checklist is our recommended task list to help you make 2016 rock. Depending on the current state and size of your business, the time it takes to complete all these tasks will vary from roughly 30 to 60 hours. But, don't feel daunted. Our goal is to help as many of you complete the Dirty Dozen as possible. We call this mission, Equestrian Professional's 2016 Horse Business Challenge. During this free webinar, we answered questions about the "Dirty Dozen" and tell you more about how our 2016 Horse Business Challenge Tools can help you. This webinar is free to all horse professionals. . . . More
Taking the Pain Out of Paperwork: How Long Do I Keep It?
Pam Saul
Taking the Pain Out of Paperwork: How Long Do I Keep It? January brings the promise of new beginnings and the closing of the year. So you've decided to tackle the stack of bills, invoices, and paperwork covering your desk, how long do you keep it? Here's a list of how long you should keep things according to the IRS. I've pulled out a few that most USA based equine businesses can be categorized into. You can find the full list with additional information for USA businesses at, Although many countries have similar requirements, the information below is for USA based businesses. If you are one of our newsletter subscribers from outside the USA, please check out the requirements for your country. Here are a few links to your taxation agencies to save you time . . . More
HORSE BUSINESS SURVEY! Equestrian Professionals: We Need Your Help Rethinking the Horse Business
HORSE BUSINESS SURVEY! Equestrian Professionals: We Need Your Help Rethinking the Horse Business The horse business has always been tough but.... Over the last couple of years, horse professionals have been dealing with a very difficult business climate. However, it seems like things are starting to improve a bit. We want to know how you are doing. If you are a horse trainer, riding instructor, breeder, stable operator or professional rider. Please take a moment to tell us your thoughts . . . More
Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Equestrian Clients
Penny Hawes
Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Equestrian Clients Remember how you said last year around the holidays that next year would be different? That you would plan ahead and have great holiday gifts chosen for each of your clients - something personal and affordable that you knew they'd love? Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but it's next year and the holidays have arrived. Before you race to the big box store to buy a bunch of cocoa and mug gift sets, read on. We've got some ideas that will make your clients happy, won't break the bank, and best of all, will save you a trip to the big box store . . . More
Equestrian Customer File Checklist
Equestrian Customer File Checklist This checklist is handy to put in the front of your customer file to make sure you have all the necessary agreements in your possession and that they are up-to-date. We hope it will save you time as you get ready for the New Year. . . . More
The Top 3 Gains of Productive Client Meetings
The Top 3 Gains of Productive Client Meetings As we move forward with The Dirty Dozen, we thought this would be a good time to talk about Step 4 -- Scheduling Client Meetings. Before you have your meetings, it's a good idea to know what you hope to gain by them. While there are dozens of benefits, here are our top three: 1. Clarity: When it comes to the value you provide, it is easy to assume that your clients "get it" and that there is no need to explain. However, more often than not, when it comes to horses and riding, there are large areas of your value proposition that your clients don't understand. Taking the time to uncover your clients blind spots (the things about your offerings that they don't understand or maybe don't even know they are looking for) will show you the gaps in your own marketing and communications. It will give you the opportunity to take a more proactive course in educating your clients. . . . More
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