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Home | Social Media Mastery

Social Media For Horse Trainers, Boarding Stables, Professional Riders, Riding Instructors, Sales Barns and Breeders

This department is dedicated to helping our members implement successful social media strategies.

Within this department, you will find many articles and tools, including Equestrian Professional's Guides to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Clearly, Social Media is an ever changing and ever expanding subject. We will continue to add to this department in order to keep you updated and up to speed on social media news and strategies that affect horse professionals

Equestrian Professional's Social Media Guides
Equestrian Professional's Guide To Twitter 2015Equestrian Professional's Guide To Twitter 2015
Tips, Tricks and Tools for Success specifically for horse trainers, breeders, riding instructors, professional equestrians and horse care providers. . . . More

Equestrian Professional's Guide to Facebook 2015Equestrian Professional's Guide to Facebook 2015
Equestrian Professional's comprehensive guide for horse professionals who use or want to use Facebook for their horse business. Valuable tips, information and step by step how-to's. . . . More

Equestrian Professional's Guide to LinkedIn 2015Equestrian Professional's Guide to LinkedIn 2015
Equestrian Professional's recommendations and tips for participating in LinkedIn. . . . More

Equestrian Professional's Guide to YouTube 2015Equestrian Professional's Guide to YouTube 2015
Equestrian Professional's best tips, tricks and techniques for using YouTube to share videos and promote your horse business. . . . More

Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp Replays
Module 1: Using Content to Fuel Your Social Media and Internet MarketingModule 1: Using Content to Fuel Your Social Media and Internet Marketing
In the world of New Media - content is king! And these days, it comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes i.e. status posts, videos, articles, podcasts, photos, quotes, questions and more. . . . More

Module 2: Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing ChannelsModule 2: Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Channels
This "nuts and bolts" training will take you through a step-by-step process to ensure you have the necessary systems in place to effectively deliver your message. This module will help you broaden your reach and "beef-up" your branding across the social media platforms. It will help you multiply your touch points, connect your social media channels, and be sure that wherever and however customers come in contact with you - your brand is clearly expressed. . . . More

Module 3: Tangible Results  -  How to Build A Sales FunnelModule 3: Tangible Results - How to Build A Sales Funnel
You'll learn how to build sales funnels that actually deliver the goods i.e. more contacts, leads and customers. We'll take apart the funnel and show you piece by piece how it works. From your website or blog to list building, landing pages, calls to action and automation, this session will be full of golden tips and enlightenment! . . . More

Module 4: FacebookModule 4: Facebook
Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 1 billion users. This webinar will offer tips and a behind-the-scene look at how to use Facebook. . . . More

Module 5: YouTube and Video MarketingModule 5: YouTube and Video Marketing
If you're not taking advantage of video, now is the time to get started. YouTube is the largest social video platform, and it's free. We'll talk about how to use YouTube to it's fullest and give you some tips on how to create compelling video. . . . More

Module 6: TwitterModule 6: Twitter
Twitter is a great way to find and engage with potential customers. Twitter's search feature allows you to find interesting conversations and interact with others. In this webinar we'll take you through the backend and show you some tips to make using Twitter more productive. . . . More

Module 7: LinkedInModule 7: LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a professional-style social media platform. It's a great place to network with other horse professionals, find new customers and stay up to date of business happenings in the horse world. . . . More

Module 8: Google+, Pinterest, etcModule 8: Google+, Pinterest, etc
This will be a rundown of Google+ and Pinterest along with some time-saving tips to help you get started. . . . More


2016 Social Media Image Size Cheatsheet for Horse Business Owners
Here is an info-graphic with Social Media images sizes for 2016 to help save you time.  2016 Soc . . . More
Barn Culture and Using Social Media to Market Your Horse Business
Elisabeth McMillan
Barn Culture and Using Social Media to Market Your Horse Business Many of the rules that mainstream businesses must apply in order to get results with Social Media simply don't apply to horse professionals or must be applied differently in order to work. Social Media, as with most marketing tools, is different for horse business owners . . . More
A 3 Minute Tip On Using Facebook Ads for Your Horse Business
Elisabeth McMillan
A 3 Minute Tip On Using Facebook Ads for Your Horse Business One of the questions we get asked on a pretty regular basis is "where is the best place to advertise my horse business?" Clearly the answer to this question depends on a variety of factors specific to your business. However, one place to consider advertising is on Facebook. Since horse business owners must typically reach a very specific market and since mainstream advertising campaigns generally target a broad audience, normal advertising is usually too expensive for horse professionals. For example: If you were to take out an advertisement in a local paper you would have to pay to reach a lot of people who are not even remotely good candidates for your business. . . . More
5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes Horse Businesses Should Avoid
5 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes Horse Businesses Should Avoid If you use Facebook to market your horse business, it is no shock that the number of people who see your posts has declined. The reason is simple: There is so much content being produced on Facebook every second, that there has to be someway to serve the users the best possible content it can (otherwise Facebook would be more like Twitter - not that there's anything wrong with Twitter). Therefore, Facebook created a system to display what it thinks is the best content for people in order to provide a better experience for that user, which ultimately generates more profitability for Facebook. So what do you do about it? . . . More
5 Reasons to Host Your Videos on YouTube
5 Reasons to Host Your Videos on YouTube YouTube is second only to Google when it comes to search. Often, people skip the major search engines and go straight to YouTube to find the videos they are looking for. YouTube not only makes it easier for you to share videos, it makes it easier for others to share them on your behalf. . . . More
Tips to Save Time, Gain More from Social Media
Chad Mendell
Tips to Save Time, Gain More from Social Media Q: I run my training and lesson program with a limited amount of staff. Therefore, I spend a great amount of time in the barn and running my business. With all the social media options, do you have any suggestions as to how social media can be used efficiently and how much time do you recommend that it be used? . . . More
How Horse Professionals Can Use Images in Social Media Marketing
Chad Mendell
How Horse Professionals Can Use Images in Social Media Marketing Images often speak louder than words, and it is no surprise that they play an important role in capturing people's attention on social media either. A recent study by Buffer, a social media sharing tool, showed images can increase social media engagement by up to 150% over text alone. . . . More
Why Your Facebook Posts Aren't Being Seen
Chad Mendell
Why Your Facebook Posts Aren't Being Seen Every day there are about 55 millions status updates made on Facebook. It would be overwhelming to try and display even a tiny fraction of those posts in your newsfeed. So Facebook uses an algorithm (called EdgeRank) to predict how interesting each post will be to each user. Then, based on their evaluations, serves the posts that they think are the most valuable and relevant to you. . . . More
6 Tips to Improve Your Barn's Google Places Page for Local Search
Chad Mendell
6 Tips to Improve Your Barn's Google Places Page for Local Search A Google Places page is a free local listing service that businesses can use to describe their products and services as well as information about your business (hours of operation, business address, phone number, email address, and website URL). Google also allows you to add photos and videos to your Places page, and customers can leave reviews about your business here, too. . . . More
Social Media Creates New Opportunities for Riders And the Equestrian Companies That Sponsor Them
Elisabeth McMillan
Social Media Creates New Opportunities for Riders And the Equestrian Companies That Sponsor Them Social Media is often referred to as word of mouth on steroids - but when it comes to the equestrian community, it's a heck of a lot more than that. Social media is changing the playing field for both professional equestrians and the equestrian companies that sponsor them. . . . More
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