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Free Horse Business Webinar: What Horse Professionals and Stable Operators Need to Know About Land Use

Speaker: Tom Daniels, PhD
Duration: 1 Hour including Q&A
Date: Monday, October 14th
Time: 5:30pm Pacific - 7:30pm Central - 8:30pm Eastern  

SUMMARY: Planning and zoning decisions can affect how land is taxed, what it may be used for, and which standards and regulations are applied to it.  These regulations determine not only whether individuals may keep horses on their own property, but also whether horses have access to community parks and trails.

 With real estate rebounding, many developers are anxious to recoup their losses and start building. The problem for horse professionals is that development often means pushing stables further away from urban areas. When stables are forced out of town, it becomes inconvenient to drop kids off or for adult riders to make it to the barn after work. This can seriously affect the growth and profitability of your stable and has forced many barns out of business.

The good news is, there is something you can do about it and you don't have to do it alone. The ELCR (Equine Land Conservation Resource) has been fighting to preserve equine lands for horse owners and horse professionals alike. They are up to date on what planning works for stables and county officials. At this webinar, you will hear about both successes and failures so that you can gain insight into solutions that work to preserve equine land use.

You'll also learn what to look for in zoning changes and how getting your hands on your counties comprehensive plan can help you stay a jump ahead of the game. 

This webinar is provided free of charge to all horse professionals. However, you must register to attend. Please use the form below. 

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