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Equestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Stacy Pattison

Pam Saul

The only way to find Stacy sitting still is to catch her when she's traveling from her home base of Gainesville, Virginia to an event or for training along the East Coast.  I was lucky enough to do so this week.  Stacy didn't come from a family with an equestrian background.  Quite the opposite - no one was into horses.  Then her mother made the mistake of letting Stacy ride on a "rental pony" at age 6, and that started a life-long love affair.


The family moved from McLean Virginia to Great Falls Virginia, where the new property had a shed row and a one acre fenced area.  Stacy recalls, "I started asking for a pony with every holiday and birthday from then on.  And on my 8th birthday, my mother wrote on my birthday card, 'I owe you 1 pony,' and I couldn't stop crying with joy!"  That card led to a 13.2h pony named Allegra.  By this time, Stacy had several summer camps at Idlewild Farm in Maryland under her belt where she had learned how to tack up on her own, grooming, and horsemanship. 

Stacy continued with Allegra and would hack three hours to get a one hour lesson at Pony Club.  Broadening her scope of activities led to her being recruited into vaulting.  When Stacy turned 11, she sold Allegra and obtained a Palomino Thoroughbred mare named Flicka and at age 12, went to train with Eventer Phyllis Dawson at Dogwood Lane Farm in Great Falls Virginia.  About a year and a half into her working student position, it was determined that Flicka did not want to be an eventing horse.  She was sold and Stacy purchased an off the track Thoroughbred from Phyllis, The Calvalry Touch aka Casper as a 4 year old.  They went on to compete successfully through Training Level.  Stacy says, "Being involved with the horses kept me out of a lot of trouble I could have gotten into in high school!  Between the eventing and drill team workouts, I didn't have time to get into mischief."

College time found Stacy attending school in Florida and she sold her horse and moved south.  She stayed in Florida for 11 years and found it difficult to train in eventing in the area.  She became interested in dressage and kept active with catch rides when she could.  She then connected with Joan Humphrey in her 20's and really started her concentrated  training in the discipline.  She then returned closer to home and moved back to Great Falls and purchased a Wallstreet Kid son named Wriddle D as a two year old from Parade Field Farm in Lovettsville Virginia. 

It was at this point that Stacy's life became a whirlwind of activity.  She started taking lessons with Todd Bryan in Union Bridge Maryland when her youngster was 3.  When he turned 4, she took a new job position that moved her closer for training him with Todd.  She was getting up every morning and taking a lesson before going to work!  That's when she took a leap of faith and made the decision to quit her "real job" and work for Todd.  She became the Farm Manager and Assistant Trainer, a position she held for four years. 

What followed was a conversation that would be a life changer for Stacy with Pat Limage at BaePrid Farm.  "Pat said that if I was serious about starting out on my own, to come see her.  She said I was one of few she would ever consider have train at her farm."  And three years ago, Stacy decided to take Pat up on her offer and go out on her own.

Today, Stacy is as busy as ever from her home base at BaePrid Farm.  I asked her about her current clientele.  Stacy commented, "The majority of my clients are ladies in the 50 and over range, who have either just started in the disciple or are coming back after many years out of the saddle."  Stacy understands their struggles to juggle work, home, and finances to enjoy what they love, because she's been there as well!  She can relate to having only one horse to ride and being able to only take a few lessons.  Stacy has been able to tailor her training to meet the needs of her niche clientele to give them the best experience possible and to enjoy their time with their horses.  She also has several younger students who also benefit from her training.

At the same time, Stacy is riding the stallion Ridley for Chris Rush of Fair Wind Farms in Virginia Beach Virginia.  In her first year with him, she received her Bronze Medal, the second year her Silver, and she is half way to her Gold Medal in 2012.  Stacy remarks, "He is an amazing partner and we broke the 70 mark together at I1!"

Stacy's goals are to continue towards her Gold Medal and to participate in FEI-sanctioned meets along the East Coast with her clients.  I have no doubt that once Stacy puts her mind to something, nothing will stand in her way!

What Does Stacy Say About Equestrian
"Equestrian is full of excellent information.  They have a way of sharing information about all the legal, marketing and even communication pieces of our business, that are not our favorite parts to deal with, in a very palatable and helpful way.  The fact that you can learn from other professionals who have already experienced what you are going through and learn from them is wonderful."

If you would like to learn more about Stacy, please contact her at or by telephone at 240-446-3786.

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