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Is Your Equestrian Business Getting Optimal Results from Social Media?

If you aren't 100% thrilled with all that social media is providing for your equestrian business - it's time to get help.

Introducing Equestrian Professional's NEW On-Demand! Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp and Mastermind Program.

This is NOT your ordinary social media seminar program! Most social media training programs fall short for two reasons. One, the material isn't real world applicable (especially for horse businesses.) Two, they don't provide the ongoing support necessary to succeed. This is why we created the Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp and Mastermind Program.  

You'll get ten group coaching classes and support materials designed specifically for horse industry businesses. This material is real world applicable and will enable you (and/or the members of your team) to take immediate action to improve your social media results!


This program is specifically for horse industry businesses, including:

  • horse professionals
  • equestrian associations
  • horse show managers
  • equestrian websites
  • horse publications
  • tack stores
  • equine supplement companies
  • equestrian retailers
  • equine service providers i.e. veterinarians, farriers, attorneys, cpa's
  • equine industry marketers

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to join one of our Equestrian Social Media Mastermind Groups. Mastermind groups provide a unique combination of support, brainstorming, honest feedback and accountability that empowers and challenges participants to achieve more.

These groups will provide you with an additional 6 months of support to help you implement what you have learned and give you the opportunity to build an invalauble B2B relationships.

You'll have a network of horse industry professionals (like yourself but in non-competing businesses) to inspire you, support you and provide you with invaluable feedback as you grow your social media networks.

Why are the two together so powerful? 
The Boot Camp provides you with the education and tools necessary to create your game plan.  The Mastermind Program gives you the personal support, feedback, and accountability you need to put your plan into action. These two together, knowledge + action = success.

Can you imagine how powerful this unique combination of education and support will be for your horse business? 

 Social Media Boot  Camp

About the Instructors  
While there will likely be a few guest speakers and expert panelists, the main educators for the Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp are:

Chad Mendell is the former executive editor of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care and where he developed an array of online educational products from videos, newsletters, and live webinars. In 2010, he founded CowDog Media, an inbound marketing and web development company focused on helping businesses be more than just a point of purchase for their customers by helping them become an invaluable resource. He was selected to judge the 2012 ESMA (Equestrian Social Media Awards). Additionally, Chad is the vice president of the Kentucky Horse Council, and he actively trains and shows reining horses.


Elisabeth McMillan is the editor and founder of Equestrian She is a horse business and marketing consultant and an industry expert on Social Media. She has addressed the topic of social media marketing at equestrian association conventions such as UPHA, USEA, The Kentucky Horse Council, and is scheduled to speak at the CHA convention this fall. was also a top 10 finalist in the 2011 ESMAs in the categories of "Best Use of Facebook" and "Most Informative." This year she was selected as one of the 2012 ESMA judges.


The Equestrian Social Media Boot Camp and Mastermind Program team has real world horse business experience and social media marketing success.  Our proven track record means you can count on us to deliver the education and support you need to truly succeed as a horse business in a New Media world. Take a look at the class syllabus below - you'll see we mean business!

Plus, the class sizes will be kept small so that Boot Camp participants get plenty of one-on-one attention. This is a rare opportunity to take advantage of a truly exceptional learning environment.  

How Much is the Boot Camp? The Social Media Boot Camp is comprised of ten group coaching sessions and support materials designed specifically for the equestrian niche. The ten sessions alone are valued at more than $1,600, but the good news is we are offering this program for only $295.00. That is a HUGE savings! Also, if you're an member, you'll receive an additional $195.05 off the registration price, making it just $99.95. 

ATTENTION: Members and future members of Equestrian Professional we now offer a NEW PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP that includes the Boot Camp Plus 4 Private Consulting Sessions. If you are already a member you can easily upgrade by selecting "this is a renewal" on the secure membership application page.  If you have questions please feel free to call us at 800 910 3578 or via email

Social Media Boot  Camp

Please note: Membership to Equestrian Professional is limited to horse professionals i.e. horse trainers, professional riders, breeders, barn operators etc. However, the Boot Camp and Mastermind Program is available to all equestrian niche businesses.

This is a serious, results driven program that will cover essential social media strategies to take your horse industry business to a whole new level! 

What will the Group Coaching Sessions Cover?  

The course takes place online and each session will be repeated twice (morning and evening). Attendees can choose from one of the two live session times, or you are welcome to attend both like many have in the past. Video replays are also available and can be viewed at any time. In addition, each attendee also receives a private social media consulting session with the boot camp instructors.

We have a lot of exciting material to share with you. Please review the modules below.

Module 1:

TOP PRIORITY - Your Content Development Plan
In the world of New Media - content is king! And these days, it comes in a lot of different shapes and sizes i.e. status posts, videos, articles, podcasts, photos, quotes, questions and more.  

The horse world is rich with content. However, what works best for each individual equestrian business is very unique. This module will help you design a custom content development plan that works specifically for your business - Plus, you'll learn time saving and creative ways to capture and produce content.

ON DEMAND JUNE 1, 2013 - Watch anytime it is convenient for you and then ask your questions in the private Equestrian Social Media Bootcamp Forum. 

Module 2:
Essential Architecture -  Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Channels
This "nuts and bolts" training will take you through a step-by-step process to ensure you have the necessary systems in place to effectively deliver your message.  This module will help you broaden your reach  and "beef-up" your branding across the social media platforms.  It will help you multiply your touch points, connect your social media channels, and be sure that wherever and however customers come in contact with you - your brand is clearly expressed.  

ON DEMAND JUNE 1, 2013 - Watch anytime it is convenient for you and then ask your questions in the private Equestrian Social Media Bootcamp Forum. 

Module 3:
Tangible Results  -  How to Build A Sales Funnel
You'll learn how to build sales funnels that actually deliver the goods i.e. more contacts, leads and customers. We'll take apart the funnel and show you piece by piece how it works. From your website or blog to list building, landing pages, calls to action and automation, this session will be full of golden tips and enlightenment! You might even think you hear angels singing.

ON DEMAND JUNE 1, 2013 - Watch anytime it is convenient for you and then ask your questions in the private Equestrian Social Media Bootcamp Forum

Modules 4 - 8:
Zeroing In On the Platforms -  Moving from Good to Great!
These modules will focus on important tools within the major social media sites. You'll gain a deeper understanding and build skills that enable you to maximize the power of each platform.  We'll post more details about each session as we get closer to the live events.


YouTube and Video Marketing 



Pinterest and Google Plus

ON DEMAND JUNE 1, 2013 - Watch anytime it is convenient for you and then ask your questions in the private Equestrian Social Media Bootcamp Forum. 

Module 9:
NEW and Cool Stuff -  Learning before you leap 
During this module we'll cover some of the more unusual and sometimes controversial new media marketing opportunities and tools. We'll share our experience, opinions and tips for success with GroupOn (and other coupon sites), QR Codes, APPS, Mobile Phone Marketing, and Location Sharing.

ON DEMAND JUNE 1, 2013 - Watch anytime it is convenient for you and then ask your questions in the private Equestrian Social Media Bootcamp Forum.

Module 10: Time Saving Tips and Techniques for Getting More Done and Improving Your Results
Social Media success is relative to the time it takes to accomplish it.  In order for horse business owners to benefit , your workflow must be streamlined and your efforts must create real life results (i.e. new customers and value to current customers).  During Module 10 we will share 

ON DEMAND JUNE 1, 2013 - Watch anytime it is convenient for you and then ask your questions in the private Equestrian Social Media Bootcamp Forum.

Graduation Party and Equestrian New Media Mastermind Group Formation! - TBD
Pat yourself on the back,  pour yourself a celebratory beverage  and hop online. We are throwing a party in your honor! A group chat where you can meet each other, ask questions and exchange contact information with other graduates.  We'll also give away a few door prizes and announce the Mastermind Group meeting options so that you can pick a group that works for you.


What about the optional Mastermind Program?
Mastermind groups will be formed at the conclusion of the Boot Camp and will be available to Boot Camp graduates. While we intend to accept all applicants, we do require that candidates complete an application and sign a non-disclosure agreement (to protect other group members.) There is a small fee for participating ($25 per month) simply to cover the costs of the conference call line etc. No fees will be charged until you have been successfully placed in a group.

One more thing you should know.  We stand by our programs and products. This is our guarantee - If you are not 100% happy with us, let us know within 30 days and we will give you a full refund - no questions asked.


Equestrian  Professional Gaurantee

Equestrian Social  Media Boot Camp




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