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We help horse professionals do what they love to do - more profitably!

Equestrian is a private members only resource and support system for professional equestrians who want to build more profitable businesses and achieve highly successful equestrian careers.

Many national equestrian associations participate in our educational partner program. If you belong to any of the organizations below, be sure to take advantage of the discounts they have provided for you.

PATH International USPA United States Eventing Association


This Week's Horse Business Tip
Preliminary Horse Business Survey ResultsPreliminary Horse Business Survey Results
As many of you already know, we conduct a horse business survey every year in order to get information directly from horse professionals to share at our annual Rethinking the Horse Business Webinar. We then crunch the data, put together charts, and compare the results of the current year to past results. This survey enables us to provide you with an inside look of how horse professionals from a wide variety of breeds and disciplines are faring. Here are some of the most interesting results we are seeing at first glance: . . . More

Free Webinar: Rethinking the Horse Business 2016Free Webinar: Rethinking the Horse Business 2016
Rethinking the Horse Business 2016" examines how the economy, the horse industry, and the Internet are affecting horse business owners. For the past four years, has been asking horse business owners how they view the industry and what changes they are seeing in their own businesses. This year . . . More

REPLAY - Questions and Answers on The Horse Business Dirty Dozen ChecklistREPLAY - Questions and Answers on The Horse Business Dirty Dozen Checklist
Over the past 7 years of running Equestrian Professional and working with horse professionals, we have found that certain tasks, when done at the right time, can make a big difference in the success of a business. The Dirty Dozen Horse Business Checklist is our recommended task list to help you make 2016 rock. Depending on the current state and size of your business, the time it takes to complete all these tasks will vary from roughly 30 to 60 hours. But, don't feel daunted. Our goal is to help as many of you complete the Dirty Dozen as possible. We call this mission, Equestrian Professional's 2016 Horse Business Challenge. During this free webinar, we answered questions about the "Dirty Dozen" and tell you more about how our 2016 Horse Business Challenge Tools can help you. This webinar is free to all horse professionals. . . . More

Popular Member Resources & Tools
Equestrian Professional's 2016 Horse Business Challenge: Member's WorkbooksEquestrian Professional's 2016 Horse Business Challenge: Member's Workbooks
Here are the workbooks for Steps 1- 12 to give you support and tools to help you complete The Dirty Dozen! These workbooks give you detailed instructions and examples to help you gain traction and move forward with our 2016 Horse Business Challenge Support. Download the workbooks here. . . . More

Equestrian Professional's Guide to Internet MarketingEquestrian Professional's Guide to Internet Marketing
Equestrian Professional's Guide to Internet Marketing will take you quickly through the most important practices and strategies to get your horse business seen online. Plus, you'll learn how to turn more visitors into customers. . . . More

Equestrian Professional's Guide: How to Use Your Mobile Device to Market and Run Your Horse BusinessEquestrian Professional's Guide: How to Use Your Mobile Device to Market and Run Your Horse Business
Since most of us don't drag our desk with us into the arena, it makes a lot more sense to utilize the tools that fit horse professionals on-the-go outdoor lifestyle. In this case, that tool is your mobile phone or tablet. This guide is packed with tips, tricks and strategies to help you run your horse business from your mobile device. . . . More

Equestrian Professional's Social Media Guides 2015Equestrian Professional's Social Media Guides 2015
Hot off the press! Equestrian Professional's Guide to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn! Freshly updated! These guides include the latest changes to Facebook Pages! And important Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn updates. Step by step instructions specifically for horse professionals. Plus, you'll get tons of time saving tips and lists to help you build a powerful social media presence for your horse business today! . . . More

Member Spotlights
Equestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Mark Farndale of Farndale StablesEquestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Mark Farndale of Farndale Stables
Pam Saul
When you say Burbank California to most people, their first thoughts are of Hollywood and the home of mega-entertainment companies such as Disney and Warner Bros. What I also found nestled in the city is a dazzling equestrian facility by the name of the Los Angeles Equestrian Center, home of Mark Farndale and Farndale Stables. Mark took time out of his busy schedule to fill me in how he came to this place in his life. . . . More

Equestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Stacy PattisonEquestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Stacy Pattison
Pam Saul
The only way to find Stacy sitting still is to catch her when she's traveling from her home base of Gainesville, Virginia to an event or for training along the East Coast. I was lucky enough to do so this week. . . . More

Equestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Sue Norman of Nehalem Valley ArabiansEquestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Sue Norman of Nehalem Valley Arabians
Pam Saul
Usually, when I talk to one of our members about doing a Spotlight article, they are just climbing off a horse. But not Sue Norman -- she had just finished saving a life! That's because Sue is a full-time Paramedic for the 911 system in Washington County, a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Sue had completed a 6-day shift, including the Memorial Day weekend, which she commented on as being, "Very busy." Sue is currently in the process of constructing her dream barn on her Nehalem Valley Arabian farm with her husband, Max and they also have the local feed store, Jewell Farm Supply on their farm. So how in the world did she get to this point in her life? . . . More

Equestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Yasmin Emery-Brownlie of Blue Water FarmsEquestrian Professional Member Spotlight - Yasmin Emery-Brownlie of Blue Water Farms
Pam Saul
Recently, I was able to bridge the time zone divide and talked with Yasmin Emery-Brownlie of Rescue, California, northeast of Sacramento. Yasmin recently opened a new Hunter/Jumper full service training and sales facility at her Blue Water Farms. She is also a USHJA Certified Trainer and..oh yeah…an Emergency Medicine physician. To hear her tell the story, "I work as an Emergency Medicine physician so that I can afford to be with the horses!" So what path led Yasmin to all her accomplishments? . . . More



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